Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7: Getting someone to buy me alcohol

Today was going to be the big day! FIRST REJECTION VIDEO SHOOTING DAY!

but nope... it just wasn't my day.

My first sign of bad luck came at a convenience store. I tried to get a some change for a ten, not only did he refuse, he started to act really rude to me. He claimed that I was bugging him and he doesn't have the "fucking" change for me. I know businesses in Scarborough in general lack customer service, or general manners as a matter of fact, but i really never realized how shitty my area is until recently.

So, I got my first "rejection" of the day out of the way rather unconventionally(or conventionally, depends on how you look at it.) before I even started today's challenge. But having done the rejection challenge for a week now, I wasn't rattled at all by such blunt rudeness. I calmly told him he shouldn't be rude to customers and walked away.

I suited up and got my props ready, my camera ready and my extremely awesome camerawoman ready to go in Fairview Mall. But the issue of legality was sudddenly brought up by one of the store owners. I consulted the mall administration and it turns out we are not allowed to videotape in the mall.


So I ended up job hunting the rest of the way in fairview mall. But rest assured, I will do the exact same challenge tomorrow in the streets of downtown! I've promised to step it up a notch in the EPIC factor for my first video, and I will deliver in that promise.:P

Instead of the video challenge, I did an alternate challenge, and this one is courtesy of Wendy. I decided to head over an LCBO, pretend that I forgot my ID, and try to get one of the customers to buy me alcohol! (I am 19, so I am just legal to buy alcohol in Toronto. But of course, given how youthful I look, most people would think I am trying to get alcohol underage)

I picked a 355ml can of beer and asked the old Asian guy beside me if I he could buy it for me. He didn't even dare to look at me in the eyes and just kept saying "no".

I thought it was just one guy who refused me like that. But it turns out everyone reacted to this the exact same way. I even offered to pay a guy double the price of the beer if he bought it for me. But all I got the rest of the way was a "no", with minimal eye contact. I guess people are just as afraid of rejecting absurd requests as they are scared of getting rejected.

However, what happened next surprised me quite a bit.

I saw a young black guy with headphones on walking down the store with his own liquor. When I asked him to buy me the beer, he simply took it without saying a thing and headed over the cash. I tried to discretely hand him my money but he refused me. I quietly walked down the aisle and waited at the entrance.

When the cashier saw him with the beer. He immediately accused the guy that he was trying to get someone else the beer because he saw me handing him the money.

"I saw that guy going around the store trying to get someone to buy him beer. I don't think you can do that man."

The poor guy looked scared and started to look for me. I hesitated for a sec before I decided to step in.

"It's cool, I found my ID!" I told the cashier. Then I looked over the guy and smiled and said, "thanks anyways bro."

I proceeded to explain to both of them about the rejection challenge and everybody in the store cracked up.

 "I knew something was up when you are asking so non-chalantly in the store," the black guy told me. "But you got me good bro."

I walked out of the store smiling. I guess I was TOO confident this time!

But hey, another day, another rejection! Time to enjoy my Bluejays game with my beer!

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