Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 9: Learning about love from the elderly

After attempting (somewhat successfully) of being epic yesterday. I decided to switch gears a little to something a bit more personal and heartfelt.

I bet you guys are all anxious to find out what exactly did I do yesterday. But unfortunately, I have to make you guys wait a bit longer. I've videotaped my rejections yesterday thanks to, once again, the help of Wendy (she has been tremendous to me early on, and in all honestly, I could not have gone this long without her help), and currently the video is in post production mode. I do plan to do some heavy marketing for this very first rejection video. Depending on the reception I get from this first video, I will get a better sense of where this project is heading. Once again, I really don't expect what I'm doing to go big. I mean, there are definitely funnier, cooler and more entertaining stunts out there. I can guarantee you there are tons of guys out there that pulled off similar things much better than I did. But after getting 1.5k views on my pitch video alone, it's easy to be optimistic. I guess what I'm doing may have a more personal appear to it, so we'll see.

I've been single since...well, let's just say a very long time. So for today's challenge, I went around to a number of elderly couples sitting at coffee tables to get some girl advices!

This is actually the first time I tried to engage in a longer conversations with strangers. So I guess in a sense, this challenge is out of my comfort zone a bit more than the rest. But elderly people are friendly and less intimidating, especially in a conversational setting. So it is a complete change of pace from yesterday.

I general approached them and asked if they have a few minutes for a conversation. I guess the elderly by the coffee tables are often approached by salespeople trying to make a sell. So I would usually promise them that I am not there to sell them anything. I guess I looked really genuine today, there were zero rejections! I did succeed in my challenge today though. I'll get back on that a bit later. ;D

1. A group old ladies at Mcdonalds

When I sat down and promised to just have a conversation, they looked rather startled at this odd request, but nevertheless they let me sat down to join them. When I started to ask about their first love, they had the biggest smile on their face.

And their advice? Trust is the biggest thing in a relationship. Look for the right girl and stick to her.

2. An elderly Greek couple by Tim Hortons

This couple has been married for 53 years! They told me stories of how they immigrated from Greece back when they are 16 or 17. They met through family friends when they are in their early twenties and have been together ever since.

While their love is story was not anything like Titanic, it was really nice to hear how they stayed together as a couple despite all the hardship they faced. They talked to me for 20 minutes. I can tell how much both of them enjoyed sharing their story with this complete stranger.

But when I asked if they would like to take a photo with me, they refused. BUT HEY, that's today's rejection!

3. An Asian couple by Mcdonalds

We chatted in English but switched to Mandarin when they realized I speak Chinese too! This conversation took a different spin, the conversation diverged from finding love to finding the love for God.

I am not a Christian, but neither am I atheist. I tend to have a very open mind when it comes to the bigger philosophical questions of life. They preached me about Christianity for 20 minutes and I joined them for a bit of a prayer. Of course, I don't agree with everything they said. But it's really a unique experience to learn  this different perspective in life. They are convinced it was an act of god that brought me over to them yesterday to have this conversation. I am just glad to made their day.

Once again, I got refused for a photo. I guess elderly people aren't the most comfortable in taking photos with strangers.

4. My own grandparents...

The conversations I had with the elderly made me realize how much I miss my grandparents. They were the ones that raised me in my childhood and they used to be my favorite people period. Though I did visit them in China last year, because of what I was still going through at that point, they did not see me at my best.

When I called them, my grandma was so cute, she kept on saying how she is probably not cool enough for me cause she's old, and of course, when I mentioned what I'm doing in the summer, they joked that they will be my biggest fans.

When I asked my grandpa about how how he met grandma, I knew I was in for a story. My grandparents are probably THE model couple. As far as I know, they trust each other to no ends, they never fight and they are the cutest old couple you'll ever meet. However, it was just merely a story of love, it was the story of their life. Despite how close I were was my grandparents, this was the kind of conversation we never really had when I was a child, and I was truly grateful they are willing to open up to me the way they did.

but of course, 爷爷奶奶,如果你在读我的博客,我是你们最大的粉丝;D (Grandma and grandpa, if you are reading my blog, I just wanna say I'm YOUR biggest fans!)

I did not get much as far as applicable advices are concerned, but what I gained today is invaluable. I was able to make a personal connection with people that I normally don't get a chance to talk to. Learning different perspectives and making connections with all kinds of individuals happens to be my favorite thing to do.

And as for what I've learned about my future love life? Even though I don't exactly agree with the generally conservative values held by the elderly couples today, I guess the take home message is clear: People in our life will come and go, if we continue to self improve, and continue to make our own life better, the right people will come at the right moment.

Even though mine barely got started, I can sense my love life is gonna be kind of a wild ride. But, I am sure now, as I continue to become more self confident, during this rejection challenge and beyond, when the right girl(s) come, I will be bold and assertive enough to do the right things.

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