Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 5: Haggling in the mall(feat. MY DAD!)

First time doing a challenge with someone else today and it happens to be be my dad! Yes, I'm so damn cool. haha


Of course, we chose to do the total Asian thing: haggling! 
The tough part about today's challenge is to actually be persistent. We are not just gonna stop at the first rejection. We both know that there is no way stores in the mall would offer extra discounts on their items. But we still have to try and carry on the hangling, without testing their patience too much. 

1. Tim Hortons

Ordered two small ice caps and the total came to $3.98. The cashier was an Asian guy who clearly just got hired. He looked really scared when I asked for a discount, especially when I pretended to exchange a look of shock with my dad at the price. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: (*exchanged a look with my dad) Can we get a discount on the ice caps? 
Cashier: Sorry, this decision isn't up to me, but I can offer you a combo
Me: But we want a discount on only the two ice cap though.
Cashier: I'm sorry, but try the combo(stuttering quite a bit)
Me: (I was about to say, 'can I talk to the manager, but the poor guy was clearly scared and this is my first hangling attempt') Oh really? not even a 20 percent discount? 
Cashier: Sorry
Me: Alright, it's fine.

Of couse, we got the Ice Capp. Nobody can resist that shit.

2. Aeropostale 

This was my best haggling attempt. The sales rep was a brown dude around my age, he seems like a pretty nice and chill guy, so I messed around with him a bit. It was a pair of orange shorts being sold at 20 bucks. I asked him if I can have it for 10 bucks. I don't know why I was so confident at this point when obviously I was just messing around. This was nearing the end of our conversations, my body language is starting to look real good.

Me: Look bro, I really do want that pair of pants. But you are giving me a tough time here man. I thought I could have it for 10 and now I would compromise for 16. But you still can't give me it? (I said it in a light-hearted tone of course)
Sales Rep: Sorry man. If you really wanna push it, go to the cash and see what they can do.
Me: Tough job being a sales rep eh? *smiles
Sales Rep: *chuckles

It was like a 2 min long conversation and I forgot all the details, but I REALLY wished I recorded this one, because this is the first time I felt like I put my personality into a challenge even in the face of rejection by a total stranger.


3. Dollarama

When I went into Dollarama with my dad. I just started cracking up. Nothing shows total cheapness than haggling for items in a dollar store. I kept thinking of that Russel Peters punchline as we waited in line. When I asked the lady if we could get a discount because we got so many items, she clearly looked ticked off. She just said "no, we are not allowed" in a really dry tone. It seemed like she dealt with crazies like us way too many times. Because of her sturn attitude and the huge line. We dropped the haggling and left.

4. Laura Secord

We got two small packages of candy and went to cash. The total rang up to $9.02.

Me: Can we have it for five?
Cashier: No, all sales are final, unless you have a coupon
Me: Okay, let's compromise, how about 7?
Cashier: Sorry, we really can't offer any discounts
Dad: Not even a dollar?
Me: Yeah, just give us for 8 bucks and we have a deal
Cashier: It's 9 bucks.
Dad: That means we got a 2 cent discount?
Cashier: Yeah, from the government *rolled her eyes

5. PJ's Pets

One of the employees was holding a parrot named Rena on her fingers. She told me she is just a baby and will learn to talk when she gets older. She was being sold at $950. I asked the employee if I can have her for $600. Of course the employee smiled at me and said no. I started to feel really bad at that point in haggling for a cheaper price on that adorable parrot, especially since I have no genuine intentions of owning her. So I just smiled and asked if I could pet her. 

If I had the money, I'd definitely buy her though. And then I'll teach her to haggle for me. That would be just friggin amazing, bahaha.


6. International Grill

I didn't eat lunch and I was legitly looking for food at this point. So I thought I might as well try my luck at haggling at the food court. I saw this place called International Grill with little customers offering a 7.99 special. I told the lady I would take it for 8 with no tax. She told me to asked the boss. He gave me a look of relunctance when I told him that's all the money I have( I know, lame excuse and really poor way to haggle, but hey I was hungry okay?)and actually sold it to me! 

This place actually serves the best tasting food in the STC food court.That shrimp and chicken leg was pretty damn delicious. I'd recommend that $7.99 special to anyone. Don't haggle with the poor owner like I did please; This place needs business and they deserve it. :)


My dad was a pretty notorious haggler in China, but he was awfully quiet today. He blamed his lack of confidence in English, but I know it's because he knew we are gonna get rejected for sure. I wasn't too keen either today. I actually expected myself to mess around with the sales reps a bit more without testing their patience, but my sense of humour still run dry when I'm in a position of vulnerability. I guess it's just something I have to constantly work on.



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