Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 11: Borrowing $100 bucks off a stranger

I didn't get home til really late last night and had to do a challenge on the spot, so I decided to try this not-so-original rejection challenge. Once again, I'm not too proud of the fact that I cheated a little for this one. The challenges in general over the last few days have been lacklustre but I promise things will pick it up next week!

I waited at my condo hallways for a while until the elevator door finally opened. Out comes the security guard from my building and I did what I have to do.

"Hey man, can I borrow 100 dollars?"
"err excuse me?"
"I umm, really needed the money right now, can you give me 100 bucks?"
He hesitated a bit before explaining to me how he had 20 bucks on me, and how people generally don't carry 100 bucks on them. So I went on to ask him if he would have lend me 100 bucks if he had the money, and he smiled and didn't give me an answer. 

So why did I come home so late? Becuase it was video shooting day at Derek's yesterday! Going in, I knew I was gonna be alot better on camera and LO and behold! I was! The entire shooting took only 10 minutes as opposed to 2 hours on the pitch video. The editing was quite the pain though. I had to go through an hour of footages from my day 8 in my rejection challenge and putting together everything with the captions took quite a bit of time. Big props to Derek for spending hours with me yesterday in order to put together that video. It was really a sick job from him and you will see it in 2 days!

Like I've mentioned before, I do plan on doing some heavy marketing for this first video. I got 1.5 k from the pitch mainly from video shares on facebook, and I do plan to do an extra bit more marketing for this one.

I'm a big twitter noob. I do have a twitter account from years back but I have 4 followers! I know twitter marketing is such a good way to spread videos, but I got no clue on how to operate that thing. I shall refine my account a bit more after writing this post and take it from there. FOLLOW ME GUISEEEE!


I am however, generally pretty keen on the interwebs(having wasted my youth dedicating to pointless shenanigans on it), so online marketing shouldn't be much of a problem for me personally. Optimism is in the air at the moment. I am expecting a 10k audience for this video and of course an increased following on this blog.

This of course means that I have to step it up content wise! AND STEP IT UP I WILL!

Over the next several weeks, I am expecting to do many of the challenges with friends. Of couse, we all know that we are that much more outgoing and confident when we are with people we know. I will also try to improve the quality of the blog...if there is a lack of a better way to say it. That means more pictures, more vlogs, brief but sharp, to the point writing.

Of course, with the video release, I am also expecting more ideas to flow to me. I am basicallly doing the challenges at this point based off ideas from my own head, but I expect that to change.


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