Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 8: Proposing to people using a ring pop(Video!)



A huge shoutout to Wendy once again for simply being awesome and sticking by me for the last 2 weeks, your help and support is just simply tremendous, oh did I mention she's the camerawoman? A BIG thank you to Derek for the shooting and the editing the video, he really did a sick job. CHECK HIS STUFF OUT ON YOUTUBE HERE:  And a special shout out to Sharon, your words of support over the last few weeks constantly reminded me to keep going whenever the thought of giving up crept in my mind.

And of course to everyone else who may have shared my videos, blog posts, gave my suggestions, told other people about what I'm doing . YOU GUYS ARE MY UNSUNG HEROES!

However, our work here is just about to get started.

What started as a self development project might be able to turn into something greater, and of course, being a guy full of ambitions, I will put forth the best possible effort in order for this to happen. For me to even start talking about depression, stigma and awareness, I need a steady following, and as much audience as possible.

This may include nagging every single one of my friends for the next few days to share this video, get other people to share this video and spread them words! This is the start of something big. I can feel it.

and some thoughts on being on camera:

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