Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1: Learning Guitar from street artists

What a great start! I got my rejection challenge underway today quite smoothly. Right after I did that little Vlog, I went to this guitar player right across the street and did what I had to do. To my suprise, after giving me a weird look and a smile, he was like "SURE!"

This actually got me more nervous than if he actually rejected me, cause a rejection was what I was expecting. I was pretty nervous the entire time as he taught me the song he was playing. With anxiety, I turned into an even worse guitar player than I actually am. It must be a pretty funny sight to see this scrawny Asian guy struggling to strum a G chord out in Dundas Square. I told him about my rejection challenge and got a picture in.

Unfortunately, my Iphone ran out of battery at that point so that first picture was the only one I got. After that nervewracking learning experience, I went to Pizza Pizza to grab a bite. I changed into better clothes and composed myself (I had trackpants and an ugly hoody on from my workout. Speaking of working out, I am tying to get my beachbody so I can get confident enough to try pickup lines on hot girls on the beach this summer for my last few challenges ;D).

The jitters went away and never came back after that. I became really composed and confident the rest of the way. The second guy I asked was an older guy. He taught me how to do the spider technique which I already know. It was pretty obvious he was trying to get rid of me at that point, especially when he pointed that my nails are too long and I can't really play today(DAMMNIT, WHY DIDN'T I CUT MY NAILS WHEN I KNOW I WAS GONNA PLAY GUITAR!). But in the end, he still taught me something, so it doesn't really count as an rejection.

At that point, I was actually worried about not getting rejected at all today, cause that would mean I failed my challenge! But that issue was quickly resolved when I went to the next guy. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey man, wanna teach me guitar? Like right here?
The guy: *stopped playing his music  No. I don't teach
Me: That's cool.

To my surprise, I wasn't hurt at all! I guess I was just too mentally prepared for this first rejection. In retrospect, I should have carried on the conversation a big longer, try to be a bit more playful and nag him. But HEY, I was just happy to get my very first rejection out of the way!

The last guy was an old black raggae player. He rejected me and told me he needs to make money. But he had a big warm smile on and the rejection came off really sincere and I didn't feel offended at all. In fact, we got into a 10 minute conversation about his career as a street artist. Apparently, everybody can make a living off this if they really wanted to, and even the worst players can get about 100 bucks on average. SEE MOM AND DAD, I DON'T NEED TO GET A REAL JOB TO MAKE A LIVING. ;D

I was planning write more but I don't think you guys are too keen on reading stuff. I will take more pictures in the future and try to extend the length of my Vlog progressively. I still don't feel too confident commuicating in front of a camera just yet. But ya know I'll get better!


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  1. That was pretty cool! What are you going to do next?