Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2: (Weird) Job Hunting


Wendy informed me she can't go with me today in the morning, can't say I wasn't disappointed. I felt kinda dead and I actually ended up taking another nap and I never really got my day started til 1pm. This kind of behaviour is reminenscent of what I've done when I was depressed and I know this is not the way to go. If I didn't get so many people keeping me accountable now, I probably would have given up on Day 2. So once again, thank you everyone for watching my video and reading this blog!

I will probably head out in a bit to do a bit more planning for my challenge on Day 3(like I've mentioned before, this one got quite a bit more personal significance to me). Then I'll head straight to scarborough town centre to do my job hunting. This 2nd challenge is quite a bit tougher than the one yesterday. So we'll see how this goes!