Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Ready!

      I am a much more confident communicator in writing than orally, that's why I originally decided to only do a written recap of my daily rejections. However, this project is about getting oneself out of one's comfort zone. I obvioulsy need to overcome my awkwardness on camera, so I will be doing a Vlog on top of my written recap everyday after my challenge! If you haven't seen this yet on facebook, I just lost my vlog virginity right here:


     So yeah, the big day is tomorrow. I am excited? anxious? nervous? I actually honestly don't know how I feel at the moment. I have been planning this challenge for far too long that all my emotions are numbed down as far as anticipation is concerned. However, anxiety have been at an all time high for me the last several days because everything I've been doing, though not rejection related, has been out of my comfort zone(video taping myself, talking to teachers, classes, friends about a personall proejct I really care about, etc). When I'm nervous, which happens alot evidently, several things happen: My body language becomes extremely tense, I stutter, my accent gets stronger and I completely lose my sense of humour.

     Rejection Challenge is all about getting yourself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I tend to be a guy that feels uncomfortable even in some comfortable situations. This is why I am so inclined to do this challenge when I first heard of it. I honestly don't know how much this entire thing is going to help me, but I guess we shall find out in 100 days!

   Day 1 is tomorrow! Let's begin!

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