Thursday, April 12, 2012

To infinity and beyond?

"Even mathematically, we can model a number that only approaches infinity. This simply proves that there is something beyond our grasp; something irrational in our effort to try to rationalize everything in the meta-physical world. " - Terry, June 2010

Scampering back to my old blog brought a few pink blemishes to my face. That flamboyant little Terry from two years back is a little eager to post his thoughts for the world to see. Of course there are gems. That quote above came from the supposedly "first novel ever" I was about to write at that time called infinity.

 Two year later, a lot of things changed, A few didn't.

Now I am almost sold for this to actually be the first real novel. The preliminary pitch has all my favorite elements in it: philosophy, science and oxymoronic themes, but all these boring stuff shall be hidden underneath an epic young adult fantasy adventure story.

When will any of you see the light of this? I really have no idea.  I came to the clear realization that my writing is currently extremely raw (It wasn't the best before, and a year and half departure from the creativity department didn't improve upon it), and before I even start thinking about drafting the first words of this novel, I need to make sure my writing skills itself is up to par. Gonna work my ass off for this to happen.

Summer is coming up, I basically have three things in mind: working, exercising and writing. All the other aspirations are gravy.

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  1. Terry as your pal from proud of you.