Thursday, November 17, 2011


"Just like there is no such thing as a magical solution to a life-long problem, there is no such thing as a magical journey to self discovery. Like I've suspected in the very beginning, this idea was purely stupidity, romanticized and further fabricated by the spills of testosterone. Success is attainable, but it is achieved in a normal step-by-step everyday kind of way. My lifelong dreams and ambitions have not been thrown out, but will be handled in a mature, sensible fashion. Terry signing back in. :)"

By any sense, what transpired over the last 10 days should be considered a colossal failure. I turtled around in different friends' dorms, walked aimlessly across campus and around downtown Montreal, and at the first sign of trouble, I gave up.

But if this is indeed a sign of weakness, I'm happy to admit defeat. Social loafing(shoutout to Brian;D ) taught me that inspirations come from the normal everyday Timbits of life, and I just have to taste each bit carefully and in finer detail.

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